Classic, retractable or vintage? See tips for choosing your next sofa

The sofa is a piece of furniture that makes all the difference in the living room, whether in the living room or on the television. For decoration, it is a kick-off, since after choosing, you will still select other items that will compose the environment. And, apart from that, the product also needs to offer durability and comfort and it must be compatible with your budget. After all, ensuring a good sofa is a real investment. For more references, check out: rv sofas for sale

Nowadays, the market offers numerous options. To purchase a model that meets the requirements, it is necessary to conduct a good research and also be aware of some specifications. The first step is to identify your real need and what space the piece will occupy. You should consider whether to use it to watch TV, receive visitors, rest or eat, for example.

Comfort and its relationship with furniture are fundamental, but they are also relative and vary from person to person. So, a large sofa will not necessarily be more comfortable, because the consumer and his space decide this characteristic. However, it is important to take into account that the density of the foam used in the backs and seats must vary between 26 and 33 grams per cubic centimeter.

In addition, pay attention to the space that each person uses when sitting. Typically, manufacturers calculate 70 centimeters for each body, but the ideal depth can vary by up to 80 centimeters. However, if you want a piece of furniture to stretch, prefer pieces with a depth between 90 and 110 centimeters.

Models and compositions of sofas

In choosing the model, personal preference also prevails. Currently, the market is made up of numerous options - from the most sophisticated to vintage or classic. The straight sofa is an example of a classic model and, at the same time, timeless - it is one that you can have for the rest of your life, depending on its use.

Modern models, lower and rounded, are responsible for leaving the decor stripped and informal. Nowadays, a piece that conquers the Brazilian home is the sofa with retractable chaise. The model offers extreme comfort since it can gain a new size, according to the desire of each one. If you prefer a sofa that adapts to any environment, you can opt for the modular one, which has pieces that will fit together gradually and can adjust to the configuration of the environment.

Sofas can increase or decrease the perspective of the size of the room. The models that are directly on the floor seem lighter, but are heavier and cause a sensation of reduced space, unlike furniture that has exposed feet. This is an excellent option for small environments, since they do not interrupt the floor and extend the amplitude. Sofas with very wide arms can steal space, but they can serve as a new seat or even a side support. Models with a lower back make the perspective of the environment bigger and more modern.

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